The most important jobs have the least prestige

   There is a striking inconsistency between the value of a job and it´s prestige in society. I think we should put more emphasise on acknowledging the valuable jobs rather than the prestigious ones.
   A farmer makes food for tens of thousands of people, but it is much more cool to be working at a big advertising agency making annoying adds, a street sweeper keeps the streets clean and thereby prevent disease from killing half the population, but no one cares for that job and people dream instead of writing novel's in the hope that someday, someone, will come to them, and tell them how their writings changed their life.
   Without sewage workers human excrements would be filling the streets when it rains, but it is almost an embarrassment to have such a job, whereas if you work as a DJ at any shady club, you will feel a great sense of identity and pride associated with your line of work.
   Without bricklayers we would live like in refugee camps, but I have yet to find a philanthropist who simply went in to the bricklaying business, instead of doing charity work for the community or a global refugees initiative.
   My point is not that prestigious jobs don´t deserve any credit at all- a city without adds, bookstores, and DJs might as well be flooded with sewage water because no one would want to live there, and I think it is great that people do charity work.
   However, I think we should emphasise how much dignity and worth there often is in jobs that don´t have much prestige, because often they are vital for our mere survival, and a society would not seem cool and prestigious to be a part of, without these jobs being taken care of.
   If you are a sewage worker, I might not particularly want your job, like I don`t particularly want the job of a professional skydiver, even though that would probably be a big hit with the ladies at the cocktail party, but I think you are pretty cool for the huge role you play in making civilisation possible, and I think more people will recognise your value to society, if we reflect upon how the most important jobs often have the least prestigious.

Why you might be a criminal and not know it

   Sometimes people act criminal even though they didn´t do anything illegal and being more aware of this can help us understand the error of our ways and give us insight into why we don´t need laws to combat every crime.

   Let`s use the example of adultery, to clarify what I am talking about.

   If you punch someone in the face you commit a crime that is likely to send you to jail, but if you bring another woman home and have sex with her in front of your disbelieving wife you did nothing illegal.
   You most likely coursed more harm and did something more morally unacceptable by cheating on your wife right in front of her, but from a legal standpoint it would have been worse to punch someone or even to just steal a piece of candy from a grocery store.
   If someone suggested we should make adultery illegal they would be seen as backward thinking to most people in most countries, but I wonder why we have a legal system at all if it is so arbitrary in which situations we make use of it.
   What I find especially fascinating though about this inconsistency in lawmaking, is the fact that everything is not just trouble and chaos outside the boundaries of law.
   People don`t cheat on their wife's right in front of them, and if they do they are punished accordingly as often and severely as legal criminals are by ruining their relationship and feeling bad conscience as they realise how much suffering they have coursed.
   It is true though that even if people don´t cheat on their wife right in front of her they still do cheat, but we seem to see it as just a part of life that it sometimes leads to heartbreak, and we seem to view unfaithfulness as an act of human impulse that is to hard to control for us to do anything legally about.
   We don´t want to forbid adultery by law, even though it is just as harmful as getting a fist to the face, which we expect will send the perpetrator to jail.
   I think there can be good reasons why we keep some actions outside the control of law. I am not advocating that we make adultery illegal.
   In fact, what I want to suggest about this complicated relationship between law and morality is that we should keep in mind when we consider making new laws, that sometimes society works best when it is not regulated by law even if it leads to immoral actions that course great misery.
   For instance there seems to be no relation between long prison sentences and crime rates- somehow society works itself out just as well in countries with lenient laws. This makes sense when compared to how well societies that don´t ban adultery function- somehow they work themselves out despite adultery being a much more damaging and morally problematic crime than most legal crimes are.
   Also it is worth keeping in mind that just because something we do or say is not regulated by law it doesn´t mean it isn´t as hurtful and morally unacceptable as something that is- you can be a criminal in every moral sense of the word even though you act in accordance with the law. If for instance you greatly humiliate someone it can be a crime, but you might not do anything illegal.

   I think we should remind each other of these things from time to time, so we are better aware that sometimes problems works themselves out best without the interference of law- especially if we are aware of the fact that when we course pain we sometimes in a certain sense committed a crime even though we did nothing illegal.

The real reason why people seem so stupid

We are often quick to judge each other as being irrational and nonsensical, however If we take a closer look at the lack of reason we see everywhere, we will find that it contains logic and makes sense, and even when it doesn`t we still have reasons to respect it.

My favourite observation of irrationality is that of the football (soccer) coach because you often hear a coach blame the referee for having lost a match, but you hardly ever here him thank the referee for making his team win.

    This seems irrational, but there is more to it than hypocrisy.

   If the coach admitted his tactics where to blame for his teams loss, he would open the door to admitting to himself that other parts of his life could suffer from faulty tactics as well- maybe he married the wrong woman, chose the wrong political worldview and so on.
   In effect the coach` hole identity and worldview is at stake- not just loosing a football match- this makes it hard to admit mistakes.
   This example highlights how there is always an understandable explanation behind what we find irrational at first, and that is why we should show tolerance toward the irrational.
   In fact you can always show a seemingly rational line of thought to contain irrationality and therefore you will never get anywhere if you demand everything to be perfectly rationally thought through.
   For instance, the most rational thing to do in life can seem to be to try to make the world better, but one could reasonably argue that we live in an overweight, lonely and depressed world that isn`t any happier than at the caveman's time, and so you are not thinking rational if you think you can change anything since everyone else has failed in the big scheme of things.
   This outlook however is sure to get us nowhere so it is probably better to be a bit naive and think we can change things and count on this view to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

   Especially in science irrationality is seen as something to be avoided, however even here it is everywhere and the conclusions of science are completely irrational when seen as a hole.
   It is impossible to follow all scientific advice on how to live our lives because we simply don`t have time to do it all, and if we add up all recent reports on the risk percentages of dying from some disease or environmental threat, they amount to well over a hundred percent and so everyone should be dead by now.
   Instead we have to trust our intuitions about which advice to follow and this can sometimes seem irrational, like when someone walks on the ice and it cracks, just like scientists had warned them it would. Only in hindsight though, can we say for sure they should have listened to this particular advice, when there are so many others they have to disregard.

    Sometimes accepting the irrational as valid grounds for an argument can calm our anger and frustration with each other and help us make better judgements.
   For instance, many people think it is irrational to fear immigrants, and see the fearful people as immoral, but they forget that these fearful people are also people who's well being is under threat and this should be respected, in the same way as when someone irrationally fears harmless spiders- in that case we don`t show up at their house with a picture of a spider on it.
   Likewise, if someone believes in a religion, we think is based on fairytale believes it still might be best to let them enjoy this believe instead of try to prove them wrong, just like we enjoy going to the movies to cry real tears over fantasy images, and not have someone constantly reminding us it is just fiction.

   We don´t have to understand each other all the time- we just have to accept each others strange ways and instead of condemn it we should try to understand what lies beneath. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it really does need correction but only to the extent that it makes people more comfortable with their lives- rationality isn`t everything- the joy of life is.

How visitors from space can change human morality

   The way human beings treat the animals we use for food consumption, is the moral equivalent of highly evolved visitors from space coming to earth to enslave and brutalise us for their own mild amusement. I believe we will understand the error of our ways if the visitors really do come.

   This is a harsh statement so let us examine it further to see if it could really be true that our moral conduct is currently as flawed as I suggest:

   First of all factory farmed animals are treated with complete disregard for their well being, as we can all attest to when we occasionally see egg laying chickens crammed into little steel cages on TV or in pictures.
   Most people know the connection between these chickens and the eggs they choose to buy in the supermarket despite the fact that they can substitute the eggs for animal friendly foods (some people fortunately do).
   So what justifies this behaviour?

   Most people agree that animals can suffer, so the only way we can justify treating them so much worse than we would find it reasonable to be treated ourselves, is by referring to our higher intellectual powers.
   However this means that species that might be living out there in the vastness of space and who might be more intelligent than human beings in the same way that humans are more intelligent than animals, will be justified in treating us with the same disregard that we treat animals, and I see no more nightmarish destiny for humankind than foreign invaders making us suffer like that.
   If the aliens arrive we will obviously try to talk them out of mistreating us so horribly and when they remind us we treat animals with the same disregard, we will have to agree and find it fair game that they enslave and oppress us, or we will have to admit our mistakes toward the animal kingdom.
   We will surely admit our mistakes, and try to promote a morality of inter species respect, and we will either do that as part of a hypocritical attempt to avoid the consequences of our own bad morals, or the new situation will be a wake up call that creates an authentic change within us into more compassionate beings.
   Whether we are hypocrites or moral beings is something we can answer by treating animals better right here and now, because if we do that, it will show that we are capable of authentic moral considerations and don´t just see morality as a means to promote self interest with no regard for the interest of others.

So in essence human moral conduct is fundamentally flowed.
   We justify the suffering of billions of animals through moral considerations that we would not uphold if we where put to the test and really understood what is going on.
   We are either hypocrites who don`t care about morality, or we lack moral strengh because of intellectual shortcomings in our human culture, which hopefully will be corrected before the visitors come, so we at least have an argument against them treating us worse than our worst nightmares.  
   Hopefully they will listen-

is what the animals think of us too.

The empowering feeling of being unemployed

   In most political elections there is a demand for job creation, yet despite the politicians promises no capitalist society has found a way to cancel out unemployment in any lasting manner. Since it poses such a problem and is not likely to go away anytime soon, we should focus some attention on finding ways to make unemployment enjoyable- I think it is possible.

   The main stumbling block is that if people enjoy not working, it threatens the economy, so societies generally do not want unemployed people to feel to good about their situation. That is why we make sure unemployed people generally have less money than everyone else.
   However we do want people who are actively looking for work to feel good about that situation.
   Therefore- Instead of making unemployed people feel bad about not having a job, we should think in terms of making them feel good about looking for one.
   How do we make people who are looking for work but get rejected all the time feel good about that situation?

First of all we should acknowledge their critical importance to a thriving economy.
   When there is a reserve ready to take over it keeps people in work on their toes, as well as making the job market adaptable to changes. This is (partly) why countries with low unemployment levels import labour and why we don´t just solve the unemployment problem by offering more part time jobs, so everyone has at least something to do and feel rested and motivated when going to work.
   Therefore, when someone knocks on a door and offers his workmanship we should either let him in (if nothing else in a part time position) or we should thank him for keeping the job market at a competitive level and the country afloat. 

   Furthermore- being unemployed does not mean you can`t better your life, because unemployed people can cancel out the misfortunes of being unemployed in other ways.
   For instance, quitting smoking is hard work, just like a normal job often is, but working hard on quitting smoking for two month, can give you a lifetime of good health, which is a much bigger reward than what you could earn moneywise by doing normal work for two month.
   This opens the door to being payed while not actually working in a conventional sense- it is not a salary in dollars, but in what you would wish your money could buy- namely all the benefits that comes from quitting your bad habit.
   Maybe you are not motivated to quit a bad habit, just to make up for being unemployed, but the mere fact that you are able to benefit greatly from your situation even if you are out of work, should make you feel empowered and avoid the worst sense of hopelessness, that being outside of the job market can create in people.

   As these examples show there are ways to look at being unemployed that can empower people instead of making them feel obsolete, depressed and in apathy.
   In fact- you might argue that in a sense the most important person in society, is the unemployed person who is happy and looking for work, because only this person, comes close to fulfilling the dream of a society without the unhappiness of unemployment which is what most politicians promise for their voters but never deliver.
   The unemployed happy person looking for work, sets an example which others need to follow in order for the politicians promises of a better life for all can come true- without his example it will not, because unemployment will keep coming back.
   This unconventional approach to work can empower the unemployed, to the benefit of the unemployed and to the benefit of the economy because the added competition that comes from stimulating people to happily go out and try to find a job, stimulate the economy as well.

   So to sum up- being unemployed can be an empowering feeling because you help the economy grow when you look for work, and you can still earn a good pay on the side in terms of what you wish your money could buy. In fact- the unemployed happy person looking for work comes closer to fulfilling the politicians dream of a better tomorrow than any politician ever has.

Why we dream

   A lot has been written about why we dream but it seems to me it doesn´t tell all the essentials of the phenomenon- if it did it would not be difficult to get a good understanding of why we dream, as I will try to show in the following post.

   According to a majority of psychologists dreams are there to help us organise our thoughts.
During the day we get a lot of impressions and we need all these experiences to connect to the rest of our worldview- the dreams take care of connecting and ordering our thoughts, so that we can feel clear minded and make better decisions in life when awake.
   This is a nice theory because it would seem like a huge waste of resources if our dreams didn`t serve a purpose for our evolutionary survival in the same way that we would not have arms, if they didn`t serve a purpose for our survival.
   What makes people sceptical about this theory, is that dreams seem very weird and detached from reality, so how can this chaos help us get a better and more coherent understanding of reality?
   What is important to notice is that if dreams where too similar to waken life we would have difficulty separating dreams and reality and we would not make good enough decisions in life for our species to survive. Therefore dreams are strange, but not so strange that they don`t feel purposeful at all.
   Dreams usually incorporate the events of the day and the themes of dreams are normal everyday themes that are exaggerated to make it easier to process them.
   To exemplify, I recently had to move away, so I dreamt I was moving my stuff to a new home, but the road there was unrealistically steep and I had to carry my stuff by hand.
   It might not be so difficult to see this dream had to do with the hardship of moving, but what we fail to notice about dreams is that we do a lot of perfectly rational considerations while we dream. In this dream I considered returning home instead of going down the hill and weighed up the positives and negatives of the situation, just like I would have in waken life.
   Notice that I was going down a hill and not up- it wasn´t that moving was physically demanding and difficult- it was that it was scary and I was afraid to loose my possessions if I took a wrong step. That was the situation I was trying to get to grips with in real life and so that was the situation the  dream made me encounter too.
   It is also important to notice that the dream didn´t teach me anything new about myself- it is not meant to make me think through what I should do, but to solidify my worldview so that it becomes coherent with the rest of my worldview so it isn´t too chaotic and I can make assertive decisions in life.
   The dream use a mental metaphorical picture to sketch out my situation whereas when we are awake we sometimes use language to say the same thing, but it is just two different ways of expressing the same situation.
   The dream metaphors are usefull because they have the advantage of being able to incorporate many events of our life into one little movie and thereby tie different knots together in our world view that need to be tied together for us to get a good understanding of our situation and its relation to our life as a hole.
   We experience this process when we feel distressed at night, because the next morning we tend to feel more calm and clear minded- Chaos and anxiety at night turns into order in our mind in the morning, because our dreams have helped us incorporate the experiences of the day into our general world view.

   Some still insist dreams are just random events, but from my own experience I know this can hardly be true.
   For one thing I have often spend a hole day alone but there are almost always people around me in my dreams so dreams are not just about random sensual experiences as I would not incorporate other people in my dreams all the time if that was the case.
   Also, I occasionally fall asleep even though I have to pee, and this makes me dream about something scary or loud that makes me wake up so I can go to the bathroom. This shows to me without a doubt that dreams at least sometimes serves a real purpose.
   If my dreams can help me when I have to pee by making up strange metaphorical stories that makes me want to wake up, surely it is very plausible that all that other time I spend dreaming is designed to help me in other ways as well through this kind of metaphorical thought processess. My arms serve different functions as well- I use them to lift things but also to keep my balance when running for instance.
   Again, dreams are not there to compensate for any lack of ours in real life, but to make us get to grips with our situation as we see it when awake. If someone reject us in real life, someone will reject us in our dream, and by confronting the situation and thinking through how to deal with it in our dreams we are better able to incorporate it in our generel mental scheme of the world so it atleast makes sence to a certain degree.  
   The same thing happens in waken life. A woman who has been in a violent relationship will often go back into a new violent relationship because she is essentially doing the dream process while awake- she is trying to come to terms with her trauma by confronting it again.

   If you doubt these explanations as to why we dream try to analyse it for yourself.
   If you cannot remember your dreams when you wake up all you need to do is remind yourself 5-10 times during the day to remember to think about what you dreamt as the first thing you do when you wake up- within a week of doing so this activity will make you remember your dreams and you can explore the fascinating world of dreams yourself.

Guys are not mostly attracted to womens looks

   Many people think that guys who are looking for a romantic partner are mostly interested in how a girl looks and that a great personality cannot compensate if she isn`t pretty. However, I believe this is a mistake, and if we realise this women can become more secure of themselves and guys can more easily find what they truly desire in life.

    One way of seeing that guys are not just interested in looks is that if they where they would spend much more time and money on going to luxury prostitutes and much less time and money in the uncertain pursuit of getting a pretty girl to actually like them. Most guys don´t like the thought of being with a prostitute at all.
   Also, most people don`t fall in love with beautiful celebrities, but with those around them at work or in school for instance. Beauty is not just about looks but things that have nothing to do with that, such as time spend being around each other.
    Besides- what is beautiful changes over time- the armpit hair of women from 70`th erotic magazines makes these girls look almost repulsive from today's standards. This means that a less pretty girl can gain an advantage by talking, moving and grooming herself in a way that suits her time better, or in other words- by being more charming than other girls.
   In fact even his own sense of worth matters to how attractive a guy perceives a women to be, because if a guy is not happy with himself he will feel the girl he hooks up with would not be with him if she knew better, and like a prostitute this lack of sincere interest from the girl gives him no sense of manhood or feeling of prestige.
   Guys do to a certain extent agree that certain women are sexy, but this doesn`t mean these girls are any specific guys fantasy woman. The variations at the top of our list are endless- for instance, it is not uncommon for a guy to be mostly attracted to a girl he met because she has the same name as another girl he ones fell in love with.
   The fact that a name can make a girl more attractive, is not so mysterious considering that even if a girls looks can initiate an interest, it is not her looks we fall in love with but the things about her that make her seem unique to us- like her clumsy behaviour, her silly laugh or the way she pronounce a word in a strange way.
   There is also scientific evidence to suggest that when a girl who is perceived as unattractive is told she is attracting the attention of guys, she becomes more confident in herself and starts to actually attract the interest of guys.

   It is essential to be aware of the fact that looks are not all that matters, because we can easily come to think otherwise, as we live in a world where a girl cannot get on the cover of a magazine if she is not retouched into beauty as if she was not worthy of recognition without her beautiful looks.
   This is bad for the confidence of women who don´t feel beautiful and don´t think anything can change that and get them approval.
   It is also a problem for men, because if we focus on a very narrow definition of beauty we will not find happiness, because in a strict evolutionary purely physical sense it can be argued that a girl is prettiest at age seventeen and when she has children she can rarely match younger models. 
   If a man has focused all his attention on finding a beautiful woman on a purely physical level, he will soon be disappointed with the mother of his kids and feel trapped and stuck with her because of the children.
   He will not understand that the solution to his problem is not to find a younger woman but to become more secure with himself, by acting in a way that makes him feel good about his conduct in life, so that the world around him, including the mother of his children, looks prettier to him.
   On the other hand- a woman wants to look sexy- that is why there are women's clothing stores everywhere and why girls love shopping and dressing up so much- it is in their genes and therefore a man should not be afraid to show a physical interest because a girl want that from him and knows he is interested in her because of her looks.

    If a guy combines this interest in looks and personality he will find that this honest approach to the opposite sex will get women interested in him and he can have what he seeks, which is rarely the prettiest girl out there, but the one that he personally finds the most charming for all thoughts of strange reasons that mostly has nothing to do with psychical appearance.